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In Canada, We are Your Well Known Premium Surface Material Distributors. 
We Provide Fine Materials to New and Refurbished Projects in Commercial, Healthcare, Retail and Food Areas.
Coast to Coast, Our Dedicated Sales Team Meet and Work with,
 Architects, Designers, Project Managers, General Contractors and Mill Workers.
Our Knowledgeable and Friendly Sales Team are Here with Information and Samples on All Products.
 Custom Pieces are Manufactured to Customer Specifications.
If You Need Your Products Installed, Use Our Hard Working and Experienced Installation Team. 
We Offer Excellent Customer Service with Competitive Pricing and Premium Product Distribution.
The Quality Materials We Sell Are Listed Below. 



P R O D U C T S     J U L Y  2 0 2 4
Crane Composites FRP Wall and Ceiling Panels | Matching Accessories | Trims  :  Aussi En Français
Panolam FRP. FRL Wall and Ceiling Panels and Matching Accessories | Trims
Hanex 100% Acrylic Solid Surface Sheets | Modern Colours
100% Solid Acrylic Sinks and Bowls
Panolam Phenolic Sheets
Authentic Reclaimed Wood | Any Custom Finish
Large Choice Wood Veneer Tape | Sheet
Vast Range PVC Tape Colours
Panolam Duet Wall Protection Printed Panels
Palclad Wall and Ceiling PVC Protection Panels
Custom Printed Graphics on Very Large Sheet Sizes
Latest Technology Print on These Materials : FRP | FRL | Ceramic Tile | Wood | Glass | Aluminum | Fabric
Mirroflex | Metal | Decorative Laminate Sheets |  100 choices
Adhesives and Sealants  |  Glu-Tite  |  Titebond  |  3M 



L O C A T I O N 

      225-10 Bysham Park Dr.,  Woodstock, ON N4T 1P1  Canada      TEL  :  +  1.519.537.7575   FAX  :  +  1.519.539.4465

 FREEPHONE   :  + 1 .888.533.6575


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